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Since I’ve been on the migraine formula, I have only had 2 headaches within the last 30 days! Before taking the migraine formula, my well-being was very poor. Thanks to the migraine formula I am now about an 8 out of 10. That is a huge improvement for me!

- Amanda A., 27

Not only have the migraines been reduced dramatically, but I have more energy!

- Ariana L., 22

Before the migraine formula, migraines would have me in bed for days with pain + vomiting. Now I have a better quality of life – no days in bed – and only occasional headache. I can keep my life going!

- Barbara B., 58

I have suffered from migraines for years and feel that this has really helped me – Overall, I feel more energy and less tired!

- Brenda - 48

My husband has taken the Nerve Pain supplement for several months and has gotten relief for carpal tunnel and neuropathy. This is great news, since the tingling in his feet has basically gone away! His results have encouraged me to begin taking it for Fibromyalgia. Thank you for formulating such a great product!

- Donna C.

The care I received at Dr. Marano’s office is unparalleled. I was having severe headaches from a head injury, and his migraine supplement in combination with L-carnitine was a game changer!

- James, 42

I went from having 1-2 severe migraines a month that would completely incapacitate me for at least 24 hours. Since I started Neuroline, I haven’t had a headache or a migraine!

- Jen L., 41

Not only do I work at Dr. Marano’s practice, but I have pain in my knees and hands from my days as a college athlete. Often times I wake up feeling tired and achy. I have started taking our Nerve Pain Formula and I feel better overall. I have had a noticeable increase in energy and the general aches and pains I was feeling have been minimized to barely anything. I even have my mother and father taking the nerve pain supplement and they love it. This product is not just a gimmick, it is used by our staff and our family members!

- Jeremy W., 31

I would wake up in the middle of the night with a migraine, I’d miss work due to the terrible pain, and I had a history of trying medications that either didn’t help or that I couldn’t tolerate. Talking to Dr. Marano was like being with an old friend. He described in detail what we could do to help reduce my dependence on heavy medication and give my body what it needed to promote my overall health and better control my migraines. I began taking a supplemental migraine formula he designed for his patients, while also reducing prescription drug use, and the results, for me, have been incredible. I am sleeping through the night, I had only two headaches last month, and I feel terrific. He and his wonderful staff are always there for me.

- Laurie M., 41

I was referred to Dr. Marano by a friend who said he was the best doctor around. I went to see him at his office and I was shocked that he was so down to earth and just a regular guy. I am a boxer and personal trainer, so I am very active and did not want to take medications that would make me tired or loopy during the day for the pain I was having in my back and arm. He put me on his nerve pain formula instead and the results have been incredible! The injury that I got bothers me a lot less and I also have more energy. I feel great that the supplement that I am taking also helps improve my overall health. Thanks Dr. Marano, you are the best!

- Mark L., 28

This is not a gimmick. My wife has been suffering from migraines for almost 10 years. 4 years of Blinding, close the shades, dark room and ice pack migraines. She would wake up at 3, 4AM and get sick. I was introduced to Dr. Marano by a co-worker almost 3 years ago. We had been to several other doctors and we felt as if she was being treated like a number and all they did was push the pills, not having a concern for her well being or her stomach (meds) or even which meds could be mixed together.

Upon meeting with Dr. Marano, he was soft spoken and professional, but the biggest thing was that he was concerned and made us feel that he was going to help…….. and he did.

Two months ago, she went for her appointment and Dr. Marano told her about his Natural Product for Migraines and she came home with 2 bottles. After 5 days of taking the product, her headaches started to subside. She went 11 full days without a headache. For us, this was a miracle because we track her headaches and she wouldn’t go more than 2 days without one. From the time she started with this product, she hasn’t had a crippling migraine where she had to come home from work or lay down in a dark room. For those of you that suffer from migraines, I strongly suggest that you try this product.

- Ron B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Marano since June 2013. After trying several different medications with side affects that nobody wants to have, the only thing that has worked is the migraine formula. I tried it once and didn’t think it worked, but I decided to try it again in November and have been on it since. I no longer deal with migraines that confine me to the bed, and no longer have the numbness on my left side arm or leg.

- Wendi P., 38

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