Understanding Your Migraines

If you suffer from chronic migraine headaches you have probably turned to a number of solutions to help ease the pain of day to day activities. Over the years you have probably found things that work and other things you deemed did not work. But do you really know? How did you track the success of a medication, new diet or nonprescription medication / supplement?

A migraine journal is a must for anyone that suffers from chronic migraine headaches. This will allow you to know:

  • What were you doing at the time of the migraine?
  • What time of day?
  • What was your diet on that day?
  • Length of the headache
  • Symptoms associated with the migraine
  • Were you taking a medication or supplement during this time?
  • What were the active ingredients associated with the medication/supplement?

Understanding all of the factors that go into triggering your migraine can help you understand how best to deal with them. Read the labels of all medications / supplements that you happen to be taking when your migraine occurs. If you decide to switch medications, note which ingredients are similar and different between the old and the new. Our Neuroline Migraine Medication is comprised of 14 different vitamins and supplements designed to help support a healthy diet. Understanding the ingredients in any medication that you take can help you determine the positive impact that a natural supplement like Neuroline, may have on your daily activities.

Recording your migraines in a journal will help you understand your migraine headaches better. Not everyone suffers from the same symptoms or triggers, so knowing your particular headaches is a must. Most importantly, bring your journal anytime you visit your Doctor. Your Doctor may be able to make helpful recommendations based upon the information that you are providing him/her about your specific migraines. They may also see issues with your diet / daily activities / medications that may conflict with each other. Small changes to your daily activities can cause large changes with your headaches.

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