The Healthy Benefits of Grapeseed Extract

Neuroline Solutions Nerve Pain Formula proprietary blend has NINE different supplements/vitamins packed into each capsule. One of the newest supplements added to the formula is a high dose of Grape Seed Extract and this powerful anti-oxidant is used to ease the symptoms of nerve damage, help heal wounds, improve bone strength, prevent skin cancer, lower cholesterol, improve cardiovascular function and reduce dermal swelling.

There are many benefits of including Grape Seed Extract into your daily diet, especially if you suffer from some type of nerve pain such as Autonomic, Motor or Sensory. Some of the richest antioxidants come from grape seeds because they contain the highest amount (95%) of oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, also known as OPC’s, which is more than any other antioxidant extract. OPC’s help strengthen your body’s immune system, therefore reducing your risk of inflammatory conditions.

Many studies have shown the benefits of grape seed extract on slowing cancer growth and initiating cancer cell death. For example, these antioxidants act to protect soft tissue collagen in the joints and skin from free radical damage and premature aging, reducing your risk of skin cancer. In addition to preventing skin cancer, grape seed extract can help heal dermal wounds and also reduce the swelling that occurs after an injury or surgery.

OPC’s also increase intracellular vitamin C levels which help improve blood oxygen circulation throughout the body. The antioxidants in grape seed extract can potentially protect the blood vessels from becoming damaged, which may prevent high blood pressure and increase blood flow throughout the body.

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