The Health and Benefits of Ginger

Ginger, or ginger roots are a commonly used spice in cooking but it has its healthy benefits too. In regards to its medical benefits this super food has been known to reduce nausea especially during pregnancy, helps with inflammation in joints and muscles, protects against cancer cells, and boost your immune system.

One of the most common side effects for people who suffer from migraines is nausea. In most cases then none, people who are victims to migraine complain of nausea, an uneasy, queasy feeling or discomfort in their stomach. Some studies show that almost three quarters of those with migraines have nausea. The nausea can be so severe that it causes people to limit activities and is therefore a major cause of migraine disability. This is the main reason that Dr. Marano and his medical partners have chosen ginger to be one of the main ingredients to his migraine relief formula.

In addition to ginger, Neuroline Solutions Migraine Formula is made up of FOURTEEN different supplements, vitamins, and herbs all making up the vegetarian capsule. Each supplements has been carefully hand picked by our medical director and studied in regard to their effectiveness in migraine headaches. The main goal here at Neuroline Solutions is to reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of a migraine with natural ingredients and supplements.

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